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Hormar Academy

The mentorship program seeks to meet the various needs of Somali high school students by connecting them with college students and young professionals from their community. Through workshops, personalized relationships, and community building activities, we address barriers to post-secondary success.

Our curriculum is focused on four areas of development: academic, professional, social-emotional, and spiritual. The program strives to establish a firm sense of identity and instill self-advocacy in our youth with the goal of community advancement.



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College Tours

Since a majority of our youth are potential first generation students, it is important for them to consider college as a possibility. We visit local schools so that they may envision themselves on a campus. When discussing the college process, we intentionally highlight trade schools and other post-secondary options.



In addition to providing mentoring on a consistent basis, we also offer weekly homework help on various subjects. Students who attend tutoring have the opportunity to develop relationships with other mentors and community members.

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