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Who we are

A group of Somali college students and graduates from Boston established Hormar Inc. to address the educational barriers that they and their community faced. While Somali students attended local public high schools, they did not enroll in college at the same rate as their counterparts. The founders remembered feeling caught between two cultures and navigating social and academic challenges alone. The available community data presented a similar story.

What we do

Our mentorship program connects Somali high school students with college students and young professionals from their community. Through workshops, personalized relationships, and community building activities, we address barriers to post-secondary success. We also organize college tours and weekly tutoring.

We have held 42 sessions over 3 years.



Joined 2019

Hormar is an amazing experience that I could never forget. Being around people who look like me in positions that I aspire to be in is so heartwarming.  

Our Students

We have worked with 45 students from 27 schools in the Greater Boston area.

See a day in the life of a Hormar student.


Find out what our students think about Hormar.


Explore featured work from previous semesters. 



Joined 2018

My communication skills have gotten better because of the debates, projects, and skits. They boosted my confidence so much and made me way more outgoing. I’m not afraid to stand for my opinion now. 

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